Acrylic Fingers

Full Set with Coloured Tips $75
Infills with Normal Polish$65
Infills with Shellac$65
One Nail Repair from$10
Remove Acrylic$40

Normal Polish Fingers

Nails Buff, Shape and Normal Polish$20
Finger Paint with Normal Polish$10

Shellac Polish Fingers

French Polish$37
Manicure with Shellac Polish$50
Shellac Removed and Redone$42
Shellac Removed Only$10
Shellac (First time)$32

Nail Art (Fingers/Toes)

Per Nail$5
Full Set$50


File Nails$10
Toe Nail Trim$5


Manicure and Pedicure Spa$25
Pedicure Spa$15
Finger Nail Polish$10
Toe nail polish$10

Acrylic Toes

Full Set with Clear Tips$60
Acrylic Infill with Shellac$50
Two big toe nails put on$20
Remove Acrylic$30

Shellac Toes

French polish$37
Pedicure with Shellac Polish$59
Manicure and Pedicure with Shellac $105
Shellac removed and redone$42
Shellac removed only$10
Shellac (first time)$32

Normal Polish Toes

Toe nails buff, shape and normal polish$20
Toe Paint$10

Pamper Yourself

Manicure with Normal Polish$35
Manicure with Shellac Polish$50
Delux Manicure with Normal Polish$45
Delux Manicure with Shellac Polish$60
Manicure and Pedicure Spa (Normal Polish) $70
Manicure and Pedicure Spa (Shellac Polish) $105
Pedicure with Normal Polish$35
Pedicure with Shellac Polish$59
Delux Pedicure with Normal Polish$45
Delux Pedicure with Shellac Polish$69
Foot Bath Detox$35
Callus Peel$35